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Designer – come work with us!Hey, we are Frohe Zukunft, ey! A design studio from Berlin that is searching for nice new ideas – searching for you?

Unser Büro in Berlin-Mitte

On to a Frohe Zukunft, ey!Consulting, design and development from Berlin. We create brands, events and products for institutions and companies from various sectors. Tailored. Print. Digital. Sounds good? Let's talk!

Frohe Zukunft, ey was founded in 2010 and is owner-managed ever since.

We work with small and medium sized companies from many different sectors.

For many years now we are working closely together with a network of experts.

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Our valuesWe are a small team. Everyone of us comes to work as they are and as they feel. With us you don't need to hide who you are or be someone else – we won't do that either. We want to understand how you work best so we can all work in the best way together. But we can already share what is important to us:

A team mate has a bad day, we help out. Something unexpectedly comes up, we jump in. Someone gets stuck, we come up with a solution together.

A team mate found a new hack in Figma, someone else shares a link to a new font for a new project, we are going to exhibitions together and get inspired.

A new assignment comes in, something that we never did before but we think it is exciting. Maybe the approach for a new corporate design could be done differently this time, we exchange ideas. 

Vacation handover is coming up, we are doing it on time. Things happen, we get that. Almost every day is a good day for feedback, we are honest and constructive while doing it.

The day doesn't go according to plan? We take it easy. The client changes direction because circumstances changed, we are supporting this. We want to work differently, we are trying things out.

The client shares input, we trust their expertise. Our accountant has a question, we listen. Our team mate has an idea, we let him try it out. 

Who are you?You are an experienced senior designer who enjoys establishing a design from scratch and with a concept. Designing is simply your thing. For this you use all the tools you need like Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as After Effects or Premiere Pro.
You think holistically and care for your project from start to finish – be it print, digital or both. The collaboration with our partners brings you joy – doing presentations and hosting work shops is something you are good at.

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Sometimes you work form home but you also notice the advantages of direct communication and working in the studio. Speaking of communications: You speak German fluently. You don't need "HalliGalli" at work but rather enjoy the fact that we are a small team of four. With the – quite literally – coolest studio in town, a small backyard garden house near Rosenthaler Platz.

Sounds good to you? What else should we know about you? What is fun for you? Tell us, we'd love to hear it.

Frohe Benefits, ey! Some call it benefits – we call it standard, ey.

Home and office: We love office time but also enjoy working from home 1-2 times a week

Flexible working hours: The work should fit your life – not the other way around

Vacation days: With us you get 28 days paid leave – and off over Christmas

SpenditCard: You get 50 Euro every month to spend

Training: We support you that is why we offer tickets for creative events and suiting courses

Location: We work in central Berlin and we are loving it every day

What you read so far sounds good to you? Great, then we are excited to get to know you even better. Send us your application including your portfolio and a start date. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Stefan Kindler
Founder and CEO

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